5 Tips to Design a Killer Logo When Using a Free Logo Maker Software

Logos play an important part in the business world! Here are 5 tips to design a killer logo when using a free logo maker software!


What is your experience with logos? Would you say that designing a logo is simple, fun, boring, or impossible? There are different experiences, different opinions, and different expectations when it comes to designing a business logo, but one thing is for sure – logos play an important part in the business world. The logo is usually the company’s first impression and can affect a customer’s business perception, buying decisions, and the complete attitude toward a certain product.

The truth is that we live in a society full of brand logos. Even small children recognize many logos or they are able to decide what a certain brand sells by looking at the symbol.

For those who are preparing to design their own logo or maybe planning to modify their old one, we have some great tips that will help you design a killer logo when using a free logo maker software.


  1. Be unique and smart – The logo is a symbol that helps differentiate a brand from its rivals so it is important that the brand image stands out from the others which is something that many businesses struggle with. It is important to create something that you believe it is different from anything else that already exists out there.
  2. Understand the brand – The logo is more than a symbol, it is an introduction to a specific brand or business. The logo must reach a specific target group, so when designing your logo, come up with an idea that reminds of the ideology of your brand,
  3. What is in a name – The logo consists of 2 elements – a symbol and a wordmark. If your business has a specific name, you could easily get away with a logotype and if you have a generic name, you will need something to identify your business by.
  4. Keep it flexible – It is really important to have a balanced combination of quirky and simple – you want your new logo to be interesting but you surely don’t want for someone to analyze it. Our advice to you is to keep the logo simple, easy, and flexible.
  5. Don’t expect instant success – You can’t expect success to come overnight just because you have designed a logo. You need to promote your new logo out there, work really hard, and then, the success will come.

Have you created a business logo by using a free logo maker software? Are these tips helpful? Tell us in the comments below!