The name of your business is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make throughout the entire process of starting a business. With thousands of options and possibilities it can be very difficult to figure out just the right name that will properly represent your brand and what it is all about. When you start thinking about names there are certain tools that you can always use in order to get some extra help and in this article we will introduce you to three of those tools to create a business name that will suit your business and brand perfectly.

Search for pictures on Google

Something that a lot of people don’t think to do when coming up with business names is to use some other, unorthodox tool such as Google and stock images. The thing about pictures is that they can really cool and creative names, so looking for these photos is the perfect way for you to get your creativity going. Depending on the type of business that you are running, all you have to do is simply go on Google or a stock image website such as Getty Images and type in concepts that are related to your business and the niche that it is in. Try focusing on the more interesting images because they are most likely to really fuel your imagination and give you some great inspiration.

Business name generators

Without a doubt one of the best tools to create a business name are the business name generators. When it comes to name generators you will find yourself spoiled for choice because they are tons of them out there and all of them have something different to offer. Some of them give more general options by spitting out random names, while others will ask you specific questions about your company or let you choose the perfect category to which your business belongs in order to give you business names that will be specifically targeted to your brand. A lot of these generators are communities on their own which is great because the people that are a part of the community will be there to help you when making a decision or by giving you advice when you need it, and that is a great bonus to have when making a decision as important as choosing the brand name.

Go through different types of terms

Depending on what industry your business is a part of, there is surely some kind of lingo that is specific to the industry. When you are stuck and lacking the inspiration necessary for creating a good and unique brand name, something that you can do is go online and search for thesaurus, lingo, jargon, glossaries, words, slang and so on. Searching for these terms will give you a bunch of different results, and even though all of them seem pretty similar, each of them will give you completely different results which means that you will get a lot more results than by just searching for only one of them. Once you are on these sites, you can type in the industry or a keyword that describes your business in some way and you will get a ton of results. All you have to do afterwards is go through all of the words that the site will come up with and you will surely find something that will fit your business and brand idea.

When you are lacking inspiration, chances are there are tons of different tools to create a business names that you haven’t even considered using. Make sure to take our advice and use the tools we have suggested because they are a sure and easy way in which you will be able to find a business name that will fit the idea of your brand perfectly.

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